New work

I have been working on a couple of pieces which is unusual for me as I normally only concentrate on one piece at a time, but had a couple of ideas and wanted to get them underway. The Barn Owl is the largest piece I have ever worked on and am really enjoying the challenge, I will be working on this next week at NEWA. At the moment I have been working on the supporting wing and have completed the supporting post, I just loved sculpting the rotting wood, trying to give the impression of an old post.


'Leaping Gazelle'

The ‘Leaping Gazelle’ was successfully delivered to Graeme Quar & Co the completed piece is a limited edition of 12 in bronze and was patinated to with a hint of green showing through.

IMG_0342 2

The Finished Gazelle

Since my last update I have completed the leaping Gazelle and will be presenting it to Graeme Quar & Co solicitors, who work exclusively in commercial law and as a Gazelle company they were interested in having a piece produced that would represent the nature of the company.


Recently I have been commissioned by Graeme Quar & Co (a law firm advising business) to produce a leaping Gazelle. Following several meetings the pose was decided upon. When finished it will be cast in bronze as a limited edition of 12. The finished will be textured in a traditional patination, although it is still at it’s early stages it is starting to come together.


Completion of 'Broken Tusk' & 'Flight of the Swallow'

I have now added two new images to my ‘Bronze Gallery’ firstly ‘Broken Tusk’ which was patinated in the traditional finish. Yesterday saw the completion of ‘Swallow in Flight’ this piece has gone through many changes over the past year culminating in the patination. I decided on a blue finish to give the feeling of when you see the birds shooting around the sky, giving you just a flash of colour, whilst the base is a mottled blue/ green aiming to recreate the colour changes in moving water.

'Flight of the Swallow'

My latest sculpture is now finished and entitled ‘Flight of the Swallow’ . Over the past year it has been through several major changes, mainly where the base was concerned and the angle of the bird, but now it is ready for a visit to the foundry.


Wax cast

Yesterday I went and saw the wax for my sculpture ‘Broken Tusk’ I’m always amazed at the skill of the moulders regarding the level of detail that they manage to pick up. Only a few more weeks before I can collect the finished sculpture and delivery it to the client.


My sculpture ‘Broken Tusk’ is going to the foundry today for casting as a bronze. It should be ready in about 10 weeks. I really enjoy the buzz you get from going to the foundry and seeing the work there and especially when it comes to the patination process, watching the piece change colour as if by magic.


This week I delivered my sculpture ‘Fox Trot’ to Bonhams for their sale in Edinburgh in November, so now I’m really looking forward to getting the catalogue and watching the live link when the sale is taking place, it isn’t the same as being there in the room, but is the next best thing.

Working in clay

A big change for me this week I’ve been working in clay to produce a piece of work for the M.I.W.A.S. exhibition, which is taking place in September. Its quite a while since I have worked in clay but I’ve found that the nature of the medium has made me work a lot faster, its now a case of waiting for it to dry out properly before firing it in the kiln. The title of the piece is ‘Red Dust’.

Red Dust